Nothing to see here...

Shhh... It's a Secret!

Nothing to see here.... except an AWESOME SECRET DRINK MENU!!!
Simply go to the bar at our movie theater and say "I've come up to the lab to see what's on the slab" and receive the awesome, super secret, drink menu only available on nights we are performing!

Here are the names of the drinks... 

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
A tantalizing mingle of Skyy Raspberry, Blueberry, Chambord and Cranberry Juice will make you shiver with Antici……
…… pation!!!

"There’s A Light"
A dark concoction. Cruzan Rum, Skyy Vodka, Sauza Tequila, Beefeater Gin, Blue Caraco, sour mix & Cranberry.
Never Fear there is always a “light” in the darkness.

"Time Warp"
A “Time”less milkshake with a Kahlua Cinnamon and Godiva Liquor “Warp.”

"Science Fiction Double Feature"
Have a Ménage à trois with frozen Margaritas.
An innocent classic margarita ta ta ta ta touching a wild mango cousin.
Drinking it will make you feel Dirty!

"Sweet Transvestite"
A flamboyant blend of Absolute Vodkas, OJ, Pineapple Juice and Grenadine.
Served as a Martini, cocktail or shot.

A luscious combination of Vodka, Champagne, Pomegranate and lime.
It will leave you wanting more.

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