RHPS Virgin

Is this your first time experiencing the Rocky Horror Picture Show LIVE?
Please read below as it will answer some of the basic questions you might have.


Can I bring stuff to throw in the theater?

Of course!  What would a RHPS experience be without getting a little bit messy? 
We've even taken it a step further and we offer Prop Bags for only $5 or the special price of 2 for $8, so you don't have to worry about bringing all that stuff in with you.

What CAN I Throw? What NOT to Throw!
(or use in the theater)
Rice No Water Guns
(or anything else that squirts)
Newspaper No Wet Foods
(prunes, hot dogs, buttered toast, etc...)
Toliet Paper No Lighters
(flashlights, cell phones, and glow sticks are okay)
Party Hat
Latex Glove
Playing Cards
Noise Maker

In short, the only things that aren't allowed are anything that will do permanent damage to the theater that we love oh-so very much.

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