CityWalk Security Information!

CityWalk’s DRESS CODE is very strict. If you are scantily clad and not covered, SECURITY WILL TURN YOU AWAY!

We suggest trench-coats, jackets, coats, etc. while going through the check-point.
Once you’re in the theater, let your Freak Flag fly*!

Remember: the lobby and hallways are open to the public – cover up!

*”Freak Flag” does not include nudity, g-strings, bare buttocks, or lewd and lascivious behavior that might get the Orlando po-po called on your freaky ass!

Due to Universal CityWalk's Security Policy, anyone under the age of 21 entering CityWalk after 10PM will have to be escorted by Universal Security to the Theatre.
In order to make it on time for the movie, please arrive early enough to be escorted before 11:30!

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